Why choose us?

We are not bank. With us you get low fees & real-time exchange rates.

Get your money to family & friends instant, you just need an email address.

To transfer money, withdrawal & exchange currency -our fees are in low cost.

Payment Processors

PayPal Image
Mastercad Image

Payment API

It will manage customers BujaPay experience by integrating our seamless API interface within your website.

Online Payments

Whatever it is credit, debit or bank account you can pay by your way.

Currency Exchange

Default currency to another you can change it easily.

Payment Request

By these systems now you can request for payment money from any country to any country.

Voucher System

Issue & manage your own branded or gifted vouchers

Fraud Detection

It means we help to keep your account more secured & reliable. Enjoy safe online payments.

How it works

First, create a deposit to your account.

Decide how much amount you want to send & choose wallet.

Write down the email address with a short note if you want.

Click on send money.

You can exchange your currency too.