Perfect for Any Business

Perfect for Any Business

Get fully operational rapidly and start checking your clients out in merely minutes. Deal with your cafe with ease, from the front of the house to the kitchen and bar. Keep your stock perfectly stocked and your customers coming back for additional

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Payment API

It will manage customers BujaPay experience by integrating our seamless API interface within your website.

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Online Payments

Whatever it is credit, debit or bank account you can pay by your way.

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Currency Exchange

Default currency to another you can change it easily.

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Payment Request

By these systems now you can request for payment money from any country to any country.

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Voucher System

Issue & manage your own branded or gifted vouchers

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Fraud Detection

It means we help to keep your account more secured & reliable. Enjoy safe online payments.

Transform your devices into a point of sale

Transform your device like tablet, ipad into a POS and customize your POS with functionalities right for you. No other payment processor, infrastructure, terminal, extra costs are required and track your sales using your device.